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Brief History

Sugar Creek Fire Department is the product of a merge between the St. Mary-of-the-Woods Fire Department and the West Terre Haute Fire Department.  The two former organizations were formed in the mid 50s and have a long-standing place in the community.  As of January 1st, 1997 the two fire departments officially merged and became Sugar Creek Fire Department, Incorporated.  The main goal of the merge was to provide the best possible service and protection to the residents of Sugar Creek Township in Vigo County.

Sugar Creek Fire Department provides protection for approximately 10,000 residents over 46.2 square miles.  We respond to approximately 850 calls annually, including fires, medical calls, technical rescues, and hazardous materials incidents.  We operate from two stations, one in West Terre Haute and one in St. Mary-of-the-Woods.

Membership Types:

Cadet Program
The cadet program is reserved for prospective members ages 16-18 including those who are still in high school.  Members with the rank of cadet are guided by a strict set of rules written with safety in mind.  These rules include grade requirements, response restrictions, restrictions for time on station, and others.  School shall be the number one focus.  The very basic fundamentals of firefighter will be taught to cadet members.  Cadet members transition to one of the other membership types once they turn 18 years of age and high school is completed.

Applicants seeking membership as a Firefighter/EMT should be dedicated as the training is time consuming and physically demanding. Previous experience makes this process easier but it is not required. Training includes a solid foundation in fire suppression, vehicle extrication, and Emergency Medical Services.

Support Services
We utilize members listed as Support Services to provide assistance to our firefighters during incidents.  This includes driving fire apparatus as needed, assisting with rehab and cleanup, and other support roles as needed on emergency scenes.  Support Services personnel are not allowed to directly participate in fire suppression or rescue activities.  Basic firefighter training will be provided for safety.

Emergency Medical Services
Not everyone is interested in becoming a firefighter.  Many of the emergency responses are medical in nature.  Members listed as EMS only can provide emergency medical care at the EMT-Basic or First Responder level.  These members assist on the fire scene by providing rehab services and patient care as needed.  Good writing skills are helpful.  Previous certification is not required.

Application Procedure

Anyone applying to become a volunteer member of Sugar Creek Fire Department shall meet the minimum requirements:

  • At least 18 years of age (Cadets age 16-18)
  • Hold a high school diploma or GED
  • Hold a valid Indiana driver’s license

All applicants shall successfully complete the below steps, in order, to be considered for membership, regardless of the membership type desired.    Scheduling and membership needs will greatly influence the time frame for the steps listed below.

Step 1:
Applicants shall complete the online Volunteer Pre-Application (below)

Step 2:
Applicants shall attend a pre-interview.  The applicant will complete a more detailed application at the time of the interview, including a background check waiver. Failure to attend the interview at the scheduled time will end the process.

Step 3:
Applicants shall complete a basic aptitude test.  If a passing score is not achieved the application process will cease.  Failure to take the aptitude test at the scheduled time will end the process.

Step 4:
Applicants shall complete a physical agility test.  If a passing score is not achieved the application process will cease.  Failure to take the physical agility test at the scheduled time will end the process.

Step 5:
Applicants shall attend a second interview. Failure to attend the interview at the scheduled time will end the process.

Step 6:
Applicants who successfully complete Steps 1-5, and receive an offer of membership, will be required to complete and pass a physical and drug screen that will be supplied by the Sugar Creek Fire Department. Failure to attend and pass both the physical and drug screen at the scheduled time will end the process and void any offer of membership.

Any applicant not successfully completing any of the above steps shall wait a period of 6 months to reapply.  All applications will be kept on file for a period of 1 calendar year.

Volunteer Pre-Application

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