Riley Fire Department now Providing Paramedic Ambulance Service

Citizens in Riley, Honey Creek and Sugar Creek Townships in Vigo County now have a dedicated paramedic ambulance servicing their communities. In partnership with Honey Creek and Sugar Creek Fire Departments, Riley Fire Department became the new primary provider of emergency ambulance service for Riley, Honey Creek and Sugar Creek Townships on January 1st.

An agreement between the three fire departments and the township trustees was reached in order to provide this new service to its citizens beginning in 2015.

Riley Fire Department will provide a dedicated paramedic level ambulance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year exclusively to the three communities for emergency calls. The goal of our three fire departments is to provide the citizens of our communities with the best possible fire and emergency medical care and this will certainly enhance our current service to each of our communities and we are pleased to do such at no additional cost to taxpayers.

By forming a partnership of the three communities, this service will be provided through the use of user fees and not tax dollars. Those who need the service will be charged a user fee similar to those currently being used by other fire based ambulance services, and those fees will support the cost of providing the service.

The ambulance is projected to perform nearly 1500 transports each year and will be based at Honey Creek Fire Department Station 92 at 12th and Springhill, placing the ambulance in the middle of its service area providing the best possible response times for the service area.

The new employees of began work on December 1st and underwent nearly 200 hours of orientation and training in preparation for the new service. The new employees were selected based on their qualifications with an emphasis on experience working as a paramedic or EMT. The new employees range from 5 to 30 years of experience in their respective fields. In addition to their work as emergency medical care providers, the new employees were also trained to support the agencies fire suppression operations, hazardous materials incidents,  and technical rescue responses.

Thanks to Chief Jean Frankel, Honey Creek FD, Chief Darrick Scott, Sugar Creek FD and the township trustees of each of our communities for their support and work in providing this new level of service.

Jeff Fox, Chief (Riley Fire Department)

January 6th, 2015